McDonald's Mascot is Partially Hidden by a Bush
Development Patterns, Doing the Math, Property Taxes

Hiding in Plain Sight: Localz Cafe Pays 7x More Property Tax Than McDonald’s

We normally look at the total tax bill. Big properties pay big bills and that’s what makes our city’s finance department happy. Right? We should take one additional step to assess the contributions of our property owners in order to have a productive conversation about growth and value in our city.

Buildings, Regulations

Let’s Embrace (most) of our Non-Conforming Grandpas

Our expectation of sites being brought up to code means that many property owners are stuck with a dilemma when they want to modify their buildings: either bite the bullet and undertake a much larger project than you first intended to bring the building up to code OR ignore the upgrade that is needed and affordable because you can't stomach the prospect of addressing all of the non-conforming areas in the building.

Density, Development Patterns, Infill

Ladner’s Founders Made Better Decisions Than Ladner’s Changers

When we decide to embrace the small lots and historic street layout of Ladner Village, we will be able to give our property owners and developers a clear set of guidelines for the significant projects of redevelopment that will bring lively energy, homes for many, and greater prosperity to this great part of Delta.